Video Blog!


1) For this project, my partner Josh and I had to find an event to record and make a video on, but not just any video, we had to make one with two interviews and ambient sound, so we decided on The (In) Visible Universe since I was already covering it for my social media project.

2) I loved seeing all of the stars towards the end of the show. After Rachel had shown us pictures and scales of how big stars can get, she turned off all the lights and lit up this orb that had shown specs of light that represented the stars and their locations in our night sky. She then continued to use a laser pointer to draw out common constellations and told us the Greek stories behind each constellation.  I also loved the picture that she showed us of two stars going supernovae right next to each other, which also happens to be extremely rare. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was the fact she wouldn’t allow us to take pictures even without a flash on the camera so Josh and I had to hide our recording devices.

3) I learned what constellations we have in our Milky Way Galaxy and what Greek mythology had said about each one. The surprising thing that I experienced was the video of an astronaut filling a rag full of water and then ringing it out. The water formed a tube around the rag but didn’t drip or float way, it was amazing. Like i said in my earlier posts, I wish I could have taken pictures of the room and the orb that lit up with stars.

4) In my internship this next semester, I will have to work games and update our University blogging site, so I think that using videos to update it would be a great addition that would gain more viewers.



1) For this assignment we had to find a U.W. event to attend and while we were there we had to put our social media skills to the test by posting “tweets” on Twitter about the event. After looking for an interesting event to tweet about, I came across two that would be likely candidates. The first one on the University calender was the planetarium’s (In)visible Universe, and the other being a class teaching Kayaking in the Corbett pool. I decided to go with the planetarium because I haven’t been to one since Junior High and was curious if the experience would be the same.
The event that I attended was: The (In) Visible Universe, but we came to find that when we got there that they changed the showing to The Life and Death of Stars.

2) I loved the planetarium because my knowledge about space is very limited. Each time our announcer Rachel Smullen would show a picture, it wouldn’t have any meaning to me, but once she described what the picture was I became entranced by how vast space really was. The only hard part was that the room was completely dark and we had reclining chair so, as you can imagine, a student laying back after a long day of per-finals, it was hard to stay awake.

3) I can’t even describe what I learned! I never knew that there were so many black holes in outer space. I also didn’t know that once a star blew up it would take years for us to see because the travel of light takes so long to reach Earth. It also surprised me that there are other starts in space that could fit 100 of our suns in it.  If I could do anything differently it would be to take a picture before or after the show to put up on twitter so that everyone could see how awesome the room was.

4) I have an internship next semester dealing with blogging for the University Sports page for Wyoming, so I am really glad to get some experience with blogging before I start my job rather than learning on the job.

Soundslide Post


My partner Trevor and I researched a youth program from the Big Brothers Big Sisters called The Hub. For this assignment, my partner and I were supposed to interview two sources that were familiar with The Hub and then take various pictures related to the club. We were also supposed to record ambient noise, which we chose the noise of children playing in the background. The purpose of this assignment was to not only involve ourselves with the community, but to also to familiarize ourselves with media technology that we have been working on for the past month. Each element of this assignment was something that we have come to perfect over this course. At the end, putting all of our hard work of putting pictures, ambient noise, and interviews together has created a fun and interesting sound slide.

Working with Trevor was a really fun experience. He was a hard worker and had all of the materials that we needed in order to achieve the completion of this assignment. We both coordinated well with each other and our schedules so that everything would run smoothly. While I did one of the interviews, Trevor would take the photos of the facility. Then when I had a full day of work, he would go and take care of the other interview. The only frustrating part for the both of us was the uploading part. With Trevor being the  more technologically advanced partner, and me getting help in class for putting everything together, we just couldn’t seem to overcome the technological difficulties. Other than that Trevor was a great partner.

Doing the interview with Bryan was enjoyable because he was really easy to interview. He was so ready to share all of the things that he enjoyed about his job at the Hub. I didn’t have to try to dig for information or try to pry into him about The Hub.

The Soundslide project was overall pretty fun, I really enjoyed getting to know what The Hub was all about. Before this project I didn’t know anything about The Hub, but after the interviews and walking around the facility I found that it was a really good program. Getting pictures and sounds was fun, but the interviews were the best part because the interviewees gave us the inside information about what The Hub is.

The only problems that we ran into was the fist time we went to interview Carder, the supervisor of The Hub, we had found out that he had sprain his ankle earlier that day and was the doctors office, so we had to find someone else to interview. Also the software for Soundslide was difficult because the audio wouldn’t upload to the Soundslide software which made it frustrating.

The only thing that I would change about the project would be to get more of the technological elements done before Friday because then I could have just had your help with the uploading and then if we had any more difficulties then we could have figured it out right there. Other than that, I think everything else went rather smoothly.

Raw Interview


Raw Interview

This experience was better than the last one by far because I actually found out more about my friend Gregory Bottoms and I felt more comfortable talking and asking questions than the other times when I took pictures of strangers and would have to get their names and permission to take pictures of their children. As an interviewee, Greg said, “It was stressful to know that what I was about to say was about to be put online, but seeing as I felt comfortable around Brittany, the interview was rather comfortable to conduct and to do.”

Doing interviews is always a good experience because it gives me and the interviewee more experience for when important interviews come up. Also I just learned more about the placement of the recorder, what types of questions to ask and how to interact with the interviewee. Even though he was my friend and I was familiar with him, it was still a good experience for me.

I enjoyed learning about all of the things that I hadn’t known about Greg yet. At first he tried to be formal about this questions, but when he got to talking about things that were vividly fun memories for him, he began to loosen up with what he was saying which made it more fun and interesting for both him and I. Some of the things that I did not enjoy were the questions. I had already knew a lot about Greg so coming up with some of the questions so ask him had proven to be some-what difficult. I also had a hard time transferring the sounds like in the blog before this one. So i had to go through more steps in order to be able to post the interview online, other than that, it was a pretty fun experience.

I don’t think that I should have done anything different with my interview because I was pretty pleased about the questions that I had asked and the responses that I got. I also was satisfied with the timing that it took to conduct the interview.

Counting to Ten


So in this assignment we had to count to ten out of order and then use Audacity to put them back into the right order.

This is me counting out of order

This was the easy part of the experiment!

The next part was reordering the counting so that it was in the right sequence.

This was the finished product!

The most challenging thing about this whole project was the reordering of the numbers. This project was to teach us how to use audio software in order to edit sounds the way we like them. You are able to do this through variable editing styles on Audacity. The software to Audacity was way too confusing and complicated. My experience with this blog has been a horrible one. This took too much time for the time allotted to us to complete this assignment. I especially think that for the people who are not familiar with this software needed more time in order to collect better noises and to edit in a way that was admirable. Working with the software was very difficult, so much so that I had to have three other friends help me to figure this out.

I have no fears about the editing of audio journalism because my future endeavors will not include audio journalism. Therefore the only way I will ever be using this software at any other point in my life except to entertain the thought of editing noises again. Even though my experience with this project was a horrible one and one that I would never like to repeat, I think that learning this skill would be useful if I were to ever go into the music business or if I would ever like to edit any other sounds. If I do have interest in this in the future, Then I will know where to look.

Beginning Audio Recording and Editing


Over the past few days I have taken the opportunity to record a few ambient noises, each unique in their own way.

1. Ambient noise of my friends setting their players up for a game of League of Legends

-League of legends is a computer game that is a lot like World of Warcraft, but has small differences. When hearing this, I though it would be a fun and great ambient noise to record.

2.This next one is the sound of my cousin and his friend smoking out of a hooka pipe while we all watched The Walking Dead.

– I don’t know if you know what hooka is, but it’s flavored tobacco that you put into a pipe and smoke from a hose that is attached to water which makes that bubbling noise.

3.This last Saturday my family sat down for a board game of Settlers of Catan. This is a tradition not only for my family, but for my friends and I as well.

– Settlers of Catan is a board game that is much like the game Risk in some ways. This game challenges your thinking and makes for a fun bonding time with your friends.

4.I needed a sound from the outside world, so what better way to capture that than to record the noise of my solo walk back from class to my apartment. Snow seems to be a big thing around these parts.

– Of course everyone knows the sounds of snow crunching beneath your feet. I thought; “What better way to relate to everyone than with the snow that forces us to gather together in warmth?”

5.This next noise was another requirement, so I recorded popcorn popping in my house to help me get through my hunger pains and get my homework done.

– I’m quite sure this sound will make everyone hungry. I was popping some popcorn at my house when I thought that the popping sounds would make for a unique ambient sound.

6.This is next sound was of Kerston typing a report, at the RAC center, for a research project for one of my other classes.

– This sound, I’m sure, is something that not everyone is thrilled about, this is the sound of the key board that my friend Kerston was typing her report for one of her classes.


The newlywed couple Ashley and Zachary Gill preparing to cut their first piece of cake to share with each other at their wedding reception on Saturday. This first photo was an opportunity for me to capture the truest act of love, a wedding. This took place in Wheatland, Wyoming on Saturday, March 2, 2013.

The newlywed couple Ashley and Zachary Gill preparing to cut their first piece of cake to share with each other at their wedding reception on Saturday. This first photo was an opportunity for me to capture the truest act of love, a wedding. This took place in Wheatland, Wyoming on Saturday, March 2, 2013.

The title of this photo was “A Taste of Eternity”. The caption included the newlywed couple Ashley and Zachary Gill preparing to cut their first piece of cake to share with each other at their wedding reception on Saturday. This first photo was an opportunity for me to capture the truest act of love, a wedding. This took place in Wheatland, Wyoming on Saturday, March 2, 2013. My grandmother had mentioned that the wedding of her assistant manager was taking place, so I jumped at the opportunity to take photos of this event. This experience was definitely an emotional one because I adore weddings and the thought of romance. So, taking pictures of a couple that was taking a giant step in starting their lives together was great subject matter. The one thing that was difficult about taking these pictures was that everyone wanted to take their own photos, so it was hard getting into a position where I could take a creative shot without interfering with other photo takers. The creative device that I used was experimentation. There were so many other shots of different poses they made while getting ready to cut the cake, but out of all of them, this was my favorite.

 Dwight Howard gets fouled and is allowed two free throw shots, making both shots put the Lakers in the lead during second quarter.

Dwight Howard gets fouled and is allowed two free throw shots, making both shots put the Lakers in the lead during second quarter.

The title for this photo is, ” Dwight Howard’s Free Throw”. The caption included: Dwight Howard gets fouled and is allowed two free throw shots, making both shots put the Lakers in the lead during second quarter. The Denver Nuggets vs. L.A. Lakers game was a lot of fun to go to with my father after he offered me a ticket to have a father-daughter date. The spirits of the arena were so high with excitement and adrenalin while the crowds were cheering for their favorite teams. There were so many great war faces to capture and hands being thrown up in the air over a call they deemed unnecessary. At some points during the game I actually had to remember that my mission was to take photos instead of enjoying all of the excitement. I was so absorbed in the game that taking pictures was the last thing on my mind but, having these great seats made it pretty easy to get the perfect shots of the players and the game. Not having an adequate camera to photograph from made it difficult to capture motion shots because the photos always came out blurry. When I did get decent shots, however, it was fun to look at because I had captured the skill of that particular player. The creative device that I used for this photo was cropping because in the midst of the crazy fan based background, Dwight stood out because I had zoomed in on him in order to make him the main focus, which then made it a fun picture.

Mister Ian and Mrs. Lydia Housers were shopping for a birthday gift for their friend while holding little Tyler at Frontier Mall in March 1, 2013

Mister Ian and Mrs. Lydia Housers were shopping for a birthday gift for their friend while holding little Tyler at Frontier Mall in March 1, 2013

Cute Baby Cheeks was taken at Frontier Mall in Cheyenne while I was looking for other photo opportunities. The Houser family was shopping for a watch to give to their friend whose birthday was that weekend. I was literally walking around the mall looking for cute photo opportunities when I see a Mr. Houser standing Tyler on the display case and talking that cute baby talk with him. Even though I missed that shot, I got the next best thing which was Tyler being held in a loving embrace by his father.  This photo wasn’t hard to get, but with the camera on my phone, the pictures didn’t come out as clear as I had hoped. I felt so happy taking this photo because I love it when fathers are involved with their children and aren’t afraid to make funny noises to make their child smile. the creative device used in this photo was contrast because the family was dark against the light background of the store.

Shawna Lopez was holding her son, Issac's hand while shopping at the mall. She says she loves to come to the mall with her son to tire him out for the night. Mommy's Date to the Mall was taken at Frontier Mall on March 1, 2013.

Shawna Lopez was holding her son, Issac’s hand while shopping at the mall. She says she loves to come to the mall with her son to tire him out for the night. Mommy’s Date to the Mall was taken at Frontier Mall on March 1, 2013.

Mommy’s Date to the Mall was also taken at Frontier Mall that same night. As I entered the mall, I saw this cute photo opportunity. Shawna was holding little Issac’s hand while shopping for some clothes. I love parent child photos so I felt like I had to take that shot because it was so adorable. it wasn’t difficult getting this photo because the opportunity was right there when I walked in. I used experimentation as my creative device.

Big sister Jamie Sullivan holding little sister Kylee Sullivan's hand was telling her to not look at the underwear at Victoria Secrets because they were for mommy at the Frontire Mall in Cheyenne on Friday, March 1, 2013

Big sister Jamie Sullivan holding little sister Kylee Sullivan’s hand was telling her to not look at the underwear at Victoria Secrets because they were for mommy at the frontier Mall in Cheyenne on Friday, March 1, 2013

The Little Angels In the Mall was shot in the same place at the same time as Cute Baby Cheeks. Two little girls were in Victoria Secrets with their parents looking at underwear when they got shy and ran away. I loved shooting this photo because it shows the innocence of little girls. It was rather difficult to get this photo because they moved around so much.

I learned how to interact with others for great photos.

Nothing surprised me about this assignment because I experienced all of it during the photography assignment.

I wish I had a better camera to shoot better photos with.

Amature Photography


Doing a photography blog posed as a challenge to me because I have never been or pretended to be a photographer. But taking the skills that I learned in class and applying them to the real world, I was able to capture shots of the environment around me. I first started with pictures that I had taken, during last week, of Laramie. Then I went to Denver this weekend to visit friends and thought that it was a great place to capture pictures of their botanical gardens.

Cactus Plant

Cactus Plant

This first photo was of a cactus plant that I found outside of the Botanical Gardens of Denver. I believe this photo uses leading lines because of the structure of the plant. With the cactus leaves growing upward from the roots, it draws attention from the bottom to the end tips of the leaves. This is great to look at because of the off-set balance of the picture and the textures of the environment.

Bridge in Denver

Bridge in Denver

This second photo was taken outside of my friends house. We went for a walk and I wondered upon this beauty. In this picture, the main focus is the creek. The creek along with the bridge shows depth in the photo. This shot could also have framing because of the natural frames of the bridge and the trees on each side of the creek. This is fun to look at because of everything that is going on in the photo. It gives a lot for you to look at, yet natural enough to not feel like it’s too cluttered

Pikachu, I choose you!

Pikachu, I choose you!

I loved shooting this next picture. It shows the artistic personality that Laramie has and also took me back to my childhood love of Pokemon. This picture uses the rule of thirds because of where the Pokemon is located according to the rest of the photo. I wanted Pikachu to be the focal point of this shot. It has the bland grey color against the bright nude color of the bricks which makes Pikachu stand out even more!

Weird Swirly Thing Outside Classroom Building

Weird Swirly Thing Outside Classroom Building

This photo, I believe, is a great example of a viewpoint photo simply because of how I took this photo. I laid on my back underneath the art structure outside of the classroom building and shot upwards into the sky. I tried so hard to get the sun into the focal point at the peak of the structure but the time of the day just didn’t align with it. This photo is so fun to look at because of the color contrast between the sun, the blue sky and the art structure. It makes everything stand out to the viewer.

Denver Water Stucture

Denver Water 


On the last photo here I saw a sort of symmetry  With the waterfall and the foliage on both sides, it makes it look like it was mirrored, but then you start noticing settle differences on either side of the water structure. I also think that this photo uses cropping as well because in the mist of all of the trees and bushes around, it would some what blend into it’s surroundings.  With all of the foliage being dry and dead there wasn’t a splash of color to really make the water feature pop, which is why I had to zoom in, in order to capture the beauty of the ice along with the running water.

One thing that I learned while doing this was how to have an eye for things that would look great in a picture. I pay more attention to color, background, and objects that compliment each other. Like the guest speaker said, once he became a photographer he saw everything so differently, I feel the same way.

Some of the things that I found surprising was the many opportunities to photograph something. I thought that this was going to be so hard because all I could think about was that Laramie has nothing that would be cool to take a picture of or anything that would be interesting to others.

If I could do anything different it would be to take more pictures. I would just stop once I caught the picture I wanted when I should have shot more just in case I caught something that would have been incredible. Another thing that I wish I could have done differently would be to change the season that I took these pictures in. Everything is either covered in snow or dead. In the summer there is so much more color everywhere you look.

The Talking Dead

the walking dead


One of T.V.’s most popular shows The Walking Dead just premiered last Sunday. It attracted 12.3 million views and shows no signs of slowing down.

“It’s a gory thriller of epic proportions” – Gregory  Bottoms.

With thrilling battles between the dead and the remaining numbers of the living, along with depressing and heroic deaths of characters that everyone has come to love, The Walking Dead is chock full of hair-raising drama that will literally leave you hungry for more.

The Dead Start Walking

The comic series The Walking Dead became reality in the year 2010 with the airing of the first episode of the first season. The ratings slowly climbed, taking the series to the top. Now its popularity has spread like the zombie virus itself, with contests of how you could win the very car the actors used to evade the dead, to the most recent contest of proving how you are the biggest fan among millions of others.

The comic is still ongoing, which is paving the way for the T.V. series. Where will this series go? How is the end going to come to the end of the world apocalypse? Will we ever know?

The Dead Start Talking

Finding subjects to interview about The Walking Dead wasn’t hard, especially when you pass them while they happen to be talking about the season 3 premiere while sipping on some hot coffee and eating some lunch. So, jumping at the opportunity I sat down and asked them a few choice questions that a loyal fan would want to know.

Asking the first and most important question, “Are you a Walking Dead fan” was something that any fan would want to relate to another about.

“I’m a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 kind of fan”- Devon Byers

Devon Buyers is a senior at the University of Wyoming who is an avid viewer of the Walking Dead series. He had told me that he has watched every episode and has fallen in love more and more as the seasons go on.  Byers talked about how he loved how gory the first season was and how he loved all of the killing and the epic trials that the main character of the series had to face. Loving the type of hero that doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, Buyers couldn’t stop talking about Glenn, another key character of the series. When asking him why he replied,

“Glenn takes charge and has the bravery of a lion. He does all of the dangerous things that the rest of the group is too afraid to do. He really goes back to his ninja roots in this series!”

On the other hand his counterpart friend didn’t have much of the same things to say about the show.

Gregory Bottoms is a new-found zombie lover. Starting at the beginning of season two, Bottoms has continued to keep up with all of The Walking Dead’s action.

“I would consider myself a fan, but I’m still on the fence on whether it is going to be on my list of shows to watch.”

Unlike Byers, Bottoms wasn’t intrigued about the dead coming back to life and feasting on the living. He claimed to have started to watch it because everyone wouldn’t stop pestering him about it. The third season proved to be Bottoms favorite season due to all of the blood and gore that apparently was missing in the first two seasons. “There were a lot more one-on-one battles that showed how much each character has grown stronger.” Bottoms, also being the gory type of movie goer, is excited that season three has quenched his thirst for more gore in the show. Unlike Byers, Bottoms’ favorite character was T-Dog. When asking why he said it was because “the man went out with a bang”. He loved how T-Dog laid down his life in order to save a member of the team who happened to be a damsel in distress. Letting the zombies feed on himself while holding them back and even chasing down a zombie that was going for Carol, T- Dog showed society that chivalry was indeed very much alive in a world that was very much dead.

How Will The Apocalypse End?

With the comic still going and the end nowhere in sight, everyone is wondering how this all will end. When asking Byers and Bottoms, each of them had a different theory of where this T.V. series might me headed.

Byers explains ” Rick will have to get over his insanity, or if he doesn’t then he will probably end up killing someone. However, if Rick were to kill someone I hope that it is going to be Merrel Dixon.

Now not many know who each character is but Merrel Dixon is one of the bad guys of the show who ruthlessly kills without remorse and has recently taken away a valued member of the group, his little brother Darrel Dixon. At this point in the show Darrel has become one of the favorite characters and a valued member, so I’m sure that his theory of where this show should head would be one that everyone would agree with.

” I hope they reunite with Darrel, kill the Governor  get Marrel, shoot him with a tranquilizer, cut off his other hand, give him a gun as a sick joke and leave him out in the forest for the walkers then the group should head out here to the West.” -Bottoms

Apparently, Bottoms felt more strongly about the death of Marrel, and has more of an opinion on where the group should head from where they are currently, but at least both of the interviewees finally agree on something. Again not knowing who the characters are, the Governor is a man who was the leader of a small town that built up defenses against zombies, but what everyone doesn’t know is that he is as rotten as the corpses that try to have you for their next meal.

The Walking Dead website on has many different ways of teaching new-comers, such as Greg, where the characters have been and where they are going. There are also fun games that put you right in the action, or a quiz that tells you which character you would be on The Walking Dead.

Make sure to catch the next episode of season 3 this Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

To Be, Or Not To Be A Good Website!




  • First, I watched the video because it seemed to be the biggest eye-catcher on the website to me. Knowing we had to watch this video also influenced my decision on why I watched the video first. Looking at the assignment list, I saw that we had to look up how to contact the people who made the video. At first  I saw the “About” word at the bottom of the video screen, so i thought that, that would be where I could find what I was looking for. scanned my mouse over the “About”, I found that the word held no ability to link to somewhere else , which confused me. Why would they even have it if it doesn’t tell you what it’s about? Next I scanned my mouse over the boxes at the bottom of the page and found that they would take me somewhere, so I clicked to see where each box would take me. I first went to the box labeled “100 Gallons”, but found that it took me straight back to the video. Then I went right down the line and fond nothing about contacting people. At this time I wasn’t really interested in exploring each site so I had left it at that.
  • Navigation on this website was very basic at first. I saw how easy it was to get to the video, and watch the video, but after that it was difficult and unorganized in trying to find anything else.  This website wasn’t labeled and laid out like other websites, which did not make it easy to find how to contact that organization.
  • I FINALLY FOUND IT! I finally found how to contact the organization. After leaving the site alone for a day of class ,and revisiting it that night, I decided to explore each of the boxes on the bottom of the “100 Gallons” video.  The first box that I went to after the “100 Gallons”, took me to another site and I decided I’ll just look at the contact button and see where that takes me. It took me right to it! I was frustrated at first because they made it so difficult to find.


  • I interviewed my friend Timothy Walton. The first thing that he had said after I told him to go to the video was, ” Is this video any good?” he then proceeded to look for comments and ratings for the video like it was a Youtube site. After he was done looking, he watched the video and laughed at the poor kitty getting a bath and made a disgusted look when the naked man can into view. Once the video was done, he looked top to bottom of the internet site. He wasn’t even going to go through the boxes at the bottom if I hadn’t asked him to look for a way to contact the organization about the video. he found it  just like I had, he went right to the “Contact” button ad found the label 100 Gallons.
  • We both had a lot of the same ideas on how to explore this page. We viewed the same things in the same order. The only difference is that he thought it was going to be more like a Youtube page instead. He was also more patient with finding the “contact” button than I was. We also both had the same experience with the website. We both weren’t impressed about how you had to explore in order to find very basic things. While I found the video interesting, he didn’t find it entertaining at all and said he wouldn’t watch it again.
  • We both had the same navigation problems. It was almost funny how he took the same steps that I did in trying to find the “contact” button.
  • I thought the website liked pretty and professional, but hated the lack of information and how to get it as well as the lack of outsider opinion base.


  • Make the basic information easy to find such as contact information, what the page is about, FAQ’s and so on
  • Label the boxes, that take you to another link, as “Other Helpful Websites”
  • Add more to the website instead of just the video. It doesn’t seem as authentic with just a video and a few boxes.


  • Keep the same theme, it’s flattering to a website.
  • Keep the links to other pages because it’s helpful for the cause.
  •  Keep the Video as the main attention better. It made me want to watch it and stay on that website.